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Saving Money With A Smart Thermostat: A Gadget Mom Favorite

My husband and I  are working towards having a smart home. We like investing in technology that makes our lives easier, our household chores more efficient, and saves us money. 

We were very excited to replace the old thermostat with a wifi enabled device shortly after moving in to our home last winter. We chose a Nest and were really interested to answer the question – will the Nest actually improve our electricity costs?

It looks a little complicated. But… does it work?

Here are the real numbers:

Before Nest
December 2017: $261.53
January 2018: $261.61

After  Nest
February 2018: $218.96
March 2018: $160.42
April 2018: $167.62
May 2018: $177.86

As you can see, we had a pretty dramatic decrease in our bill as soon as the Nest was installed! (It dropped $40+ from January – February!) Typically our January, February, & March electric bills are the most expensive. We live in the Midwest and had a particularly cold spring in 2018. 

I have found that the Nest is very easy to use. Through the Nest app you can track daily usage, set the temperature to Eco (i.e. energy efficient), and set weekly schedules.

Change your thermostat settings from anywhere  using the Nest app!

The very BEST feature of the Nest is that it automatically detects when we are away for extended periods of time and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Major Money Saver for people like me who often forget to turn the temps down when we leave!

My husband has also set up our Nest to work with our Google Home system. Most times I adjust the temperature simply by verbally telling Google to change the temperature. 

All-in-all, the Nest has been a fantastic purchase for our home and I have definitely been recommending it to all of our friends and family!

Interested? You can buy the Nest here!

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